The moment I brushed jade dye onto the silk and watched it spread, so sensual, I was captivated. The sussurus of silk, smooth, satiny, with a sheen and flow that is addictive, still steals my breath. An unusual background for art. A fabric with an ancient history. There are many techniques to use on silk to create wild, abstract or realistic images using the vast array of vibrant and muted colours available. Resist colours range from clear (white) through pearlescent, silver and gold to black. You can create your own line work - the resist lines contain the dyes, otherwise the colours merge into each other, another gorgeous technique. Silk painting workshops take you through the basic techniques so you can return home and paint silk to make clothes, scarves, soft furnishings, wall hangings, and much more. Please consult the calendar for the next class.

Silk Class Work
Image by Zoë Fletcher 2014