I discovered soft pastel at the same time as I discovered silk painting. Silk won. Now I adore pastel. I can create depth and detail or simplicity, textures or blended, smooth effects. I can remove something that doesn't work and replace it! I find it versatile, sculptural, because I use my fingers to blend and connect to the painting. Colours available are astounding and inspiring. I like to use Canson Mi-tientes pastel paper, or their mat-board for a more solid surface.
In workshops I guide you through basic techniques and you take home your own large finished soft pastel painting. You learn to draw as you pastel, with the bonus of glorious colour. Below are the creations from workshops. Please consult the calendar for the next class.
October 2010 Owls
April 2010 Soul Expression
Feb 2010 Unicorns
Feb 2010 Weekly Class
Art thru meditation and colour
March-September 09
Student Work March-November 08
Image by Zoë Fletcher 2014