Hypnotherapy/Art Therapy

Welcome to my Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling service. Relaxation and hypnosis takes you safely into the subconscious mind, resolving traumas, problems and old patterns, leading to regeneration and positivity.

Together we will explore and practise:
  • Meditation
  • Expanding our personal space
  • Grounding our selves and others
  • Journaling in colour and black & white
  • Using our own unique divination cards
  • Trusting our intuition
  • Expressing our own truth
Joy, a former registered nurse of 30 years clinical experience, now a post-graduate in the field of Complimentary Therapies, is in private practice as a life coach, psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist, trained doula (natural childbirth), sacred numerology, intuitive readings, holistic kinesiology, and a reiki master/teacher.

'I have learned over many years how to assist change and growth, optimal health and well being for myself and others. Now my life's goal is in facilitating women and children with their relationships, through honest choices, self trust,and respect, supporting families in ultimately becoming one global family.'

Zoë is a self-taught artist and craftsperson, teacher, designer and illustrator, trained in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy and meditation.

'I have taught myself to follow my intuition and spiritual insights with my painting, resulting in very different work to when I first began. I love teaching others, sharing my own experiences and skills. My purpose is to connect the human race with our beautiful but struggling natural world through image and divine spirit, love and compassion.'

Series One $180

Series Two $180

All workshops 9.30am-1.30pm
Small groups only so book early
Contact Zoe: (2)4324 2801
These workshops will take place in the relaxed atmosphere of
Zoe Fletcher Studio
17 Dolly Ave, Springfield
Central Coast NSW 2250
Please follow the link for more information on therapies offered. Hypno/Art Therapy

Image by Zoë Fletcher 2014