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Welcome to the World of Zoë Fletcher…
She loves storms. She paints cats. She treasures calm. She loves the earth. She dreams of wings...wings and spirit. The paradox creates the art?

Zoë's unique imagery sways a totem dance from legend to living; creatures cross the science of species; sign and symbol swirl in mythic metamorphoses; the knowledge of humanity mingles with the knowing of Nature.

Spirit, in all its guises, runs deep in her art. She grew up in Ken Russell territory, the lush green of Derbyshire. Still waters. Inland. D.H. Lawrence's 'Women in Love' was filmed just down the road. As a child, she begged her parents to take her to the ocean.

Nature, its power, its beauty, its complex simplicity, has always guided her brush. Now myths of Arden surface from drowning pools and creatures take flight. Something is stirring in the glade. The egg cracks open, green fingers pierce the leaf mould floor; the golden chrysalis sheds its scale.

Mammal and insect, human and reptile, bird and fish; changes are coming, changes that will transform even the dust at our feet. Every mote, every splash of colour, every pattern, every shape - the building blocks of Nature- is mutable. Things are always more than their parts. Wonder is not fantasy, if we choose to look - and more than that - to connect.

Only connect. The world is waiting.

Zoë now lives a brushstroke from the great Pacific Ocean, surrounded by lakes, fed by creeks that flow to lagoons that, overnight, burst the banks of beaches and barrel their contents into the sea.

A chalk mark, a smear of oil, a hermetic trade in dye and pigment: the susurrus of silk, the crackle of paper, the scratch of canvas. As Zoë senses a closer fusion of nature, spirit and imagination, a collection, The Art of Wingdom, is forming, floating from naturalism to fabulism and brushing the secrets of the self.

Through image and word, prints and paint, craft and cards, a circle is taking shape. This website is the first link. What are you waiting for? Take a deep breath. You won't drown. Slip your finger through the ring. Open your eyes. Come and see the old world made new: the wondrous world of Zoë Fletcher. Come and see The Art of Wingdom.

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Image by Zoë Fletcher 2014